The Living Room trading as TLR Eclectic

With the opening of our flagship showroom on Nyerere Road downtown (next to the Tansoma Hotel), we are reviving the brand you have known and loved as The Living Room, so you can experience furniture shopping in an exciting new way. For our loyal customers, you will still enjoy your relationships with our furniture sales experts and our management staff is still on hand to serve all your furniture procurement needs.

Why change our name? We wanted a name that represents your growing needs and our expanding business. After all we’re not just about the living room anymore.

[  the one single upside-down chair  ]

It personifies ‘be original’. It personifies eclecticism.

The chair represents the one unifying piece of furniture for TLR eclectic. Ubiquitous, non-descript, generic. Turned upside down, the one single chair becomes a shape, a sculpture, a graphic, a symbol that makes it so much more than a chair.

[  be original  ]

The only way to be truly original is to connect to your core. Your true self. The original you.

And to connect to yourself, you have to be willing to identify the good, the bad and the ugly.. Whatever path you choose, you’re mining yourself for the unique way you be you. And this inquiry is going to bring you to an emotional state; an intentional moment; an accessible place; an inspirational gesture. With these tools, you get to express the fabric of who you are and what you believe in. Selecting your furnishings is what you do to say something about who you are.